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Auto glass replacement / repairing Auto glass replacement / repairing
Our qualified masters have a wide experience and can perform the glass replacement or repairs quickly and to the highest quality.
Glass fitting, sealing Glass fitting, sealing
Būna atvejų, kai nekokybiškai įklijuotas stiklas po tam tikro laiko atsiklijuoja, į saloną pradeda bėgti vanduo arba važiuojant švilpia vėjas.
Glass tinting with sheet Glass tinting with sheet
Tinted glass panes gives individuality to the auto, and privacy and comfort for you and your passengers.
Headlight polishing Headlight polishing
Frequently from the environmental influences, from the salts, which in winter are sprinkled on the roads, due to other extraneous factors your car’s headlight glass becomes…
Window lifters repairing Window lifters repairing
We are repairing all brands and models of auto window lifters. If necessary, we makes new holders for the glass, rewind the wires and so on.
Wholesale and retail auto glass trade Wholesale and retail auto glass trade
We offer the best-known manufacturers ( Guardian, Pilkington, Saint Gobain, SPLINTEX, AGC, FYG , XYG Benson ) front…